About This App

The SC Gas Tax Credit App is the only mobile app that automates the process of claiming the South Carolina Motor Fuel Income Credit for you. You already pay the state of South Carolina a tax for EVERY gallon of gas you purchase at the pump, but you can get a portion of that back in YOUR pockets by claiming this credit!
This app is for any resident of South Carolina with a vehicle registered under your name, start tracking your gallons purchased and preventative maintenance costs so you can grab this credit on your annual tax return.

With SC Gas Tax Credit App you can:
• Automatically produce the information to file the Motor Fuel Income Credit Form I385
• Easily document and track fuel purchases and preventative maintenance for up to 2 vehicles
• View a detailed overview of your fuel purchases and maintenance
• Track and store fuel receipts within the app

The SC Gas Tax Credit app was designed and developed in the state of South Carolina by South Carolinians.

Our Team

We are a small, family business based in Charleston, SC. Brett and Jaleh Snell, founding members.

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